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Free Ohio Movement

Vision Statement

The Free Ohio Movement is a state wide effort of individuals, families and groups, who are concerned about the judicial and prison system. We acknowledge the need to work together on a comprehensive level, so the Human Rights of our Confined Citizens are protected. While our alliance is broad based, we work together in an atmosphere of love and mutual respect.

As non-violent residents of Ohio and as citizens of the world, it is imperative that we monitor the actions and policies of the Prison Industrial Complex, of our local, state and national communities, of our governments, and corporations, and we assert our right to hold them publicly accountable for their actions and policies.

Mission Statement

We stand for freedom, liberation and justice; in the form of equality & human rights for our Confined Citizens and their Families in the state of Ohio.

For More Information Contact:

Free Ohio Movement
1623 Dalton Street #14939
Cincinnati, Ohio 45250

Twitter: @MovementOhio

Phone: 330-366-6868